2025 election will be a walk over for Chakwera-Says analyst Likambale

Oct 24, 2022

The next Presidential elections is 3 years away but already there are glaring signs that Chakwera is not on the position as the country’s Head of State to warm the seat for someone else.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is a shadow of its former self. After the resounding defeat in the 2020 elections, the party has been struggling to contain the infighting which has brought the once forminable party to its knees.

And with the convention scheduled for July next year, chances are that the party will emerge from the elective conference weaker with factions likely to emerge and they will go to the 2025 polls already defeated.

Writing in Maravi Post, one of the country’s writer and politcal commentator based in Canada Thom Likambale forecasts the likely outcome of 2025 presidential elections by painting a bleak outlook of the opposition that they stand no chance against MCP with central region support base remaining intact.

That plus the never ending wrangles in the DPP is a foregone conclusion that the 2025 election will be a walk-over for the MCP and Chakwera.

He said: “There is no real sighs that MCP has lost its base of suppoort in the central region. Previously, election cycles in Malawi have clearly demonstrated that the success of a major party in the presidential race relies, to a large part on the loyalty its regional base of support.

“To the extent that MCP appears to have kept the loyalty of it’s central region base despite some blunders in government, the odds of MCP winning remain good”

Kambale also said the power of incumbency will play to MCP’s advantage. He said if MCP delivers on some of its promises and stays steadfast then the election will take place just as a formality

“If the central region supporters of the MCP remain steadfast, and if the MCP uses its position as a ruling party to deploy government largesse as a campaign tool, we should not be surprised to wake up to the beginning of a second consecutive Chakwera term somewhere in 2025,” wrote Likambale.

Kambale’s view may be a bitter pill to swallow for the opposition especially the DPP who still cling to the hopes that they will dislodge President Chakwera in the 2025 elections.

It will be denial to dismiss Kambale’s take for the writing is on the wall. In any case, if the by-elections that have been taking place since 2020 is anything to go by then the 2025 presidential elections is a foregone conclusion.

MCP has been gaining ground at the expense of DPP. MCP has been winning parliamentary seats once held by DPP.

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