• Mon. May 29th, 2023

Minister Chimwendo storms Mitundu says Malawi will never be the same

Malawi Congress Party Director of Youth who is also Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda has reiterated Government stand that only those people who stole money during the Democratic Progressive Party regime will be picked and defend themselves before the court of Law. 

Addressing the rally at Mitundu Ground in Lilongwe Chimwendo said it is strange to hear outbursts from DPP claiming that they are living in fear of being arrested. 

Chimwendo said DPP has no moral grounds to accuse MCP of failing to develop this country and yet all these problems came because of their lies. 

Chimwendo said the challenges which this country is experiencing is global one. 

He said those who never stole will sleep peacefully and that all those who stole will be hunted down. 

He said no one will be arrested without any reasons. He said not every member of DPP is a thief. 

“We had companies which were processing cooking oil in this country but Governments which came recently destroyed all these companies.” 

Chimwendo said whatever the case , DPP will never rule this country again. 

He said DPP messed up this country in various ways and Malawians are no longer interested in DPP.

He said only Chakwera will transform this country once for all. 

Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe also attended the rally along side other senior Party officials.

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