Bon Kalindo on Martha Chizuma’s head for siding with British firm on Malawi’s arm deal probe

Jan 17, 2022

By Deus Chikalaza

The country political activist Bon Kalindo popularly known as Winiko has given Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma seven days to explain to Malawians as to why her office allowed the British National Crime Agency (NCA) to start probing arms deals Malawi purchased through Asian businessmen.

Kalindo has dared Chizuma to which law of the land did she use to allow the Britons to have access to Malawi security agencies to the arm deals in the name of probing fraud.

The politician in an audio message to the public on Sunday, January 16, 2022 available to this publication has cautioned the ACB boss for hasty decision when carrying her duty saying she has personal agenda to achieve than that of the nation.

Kalindo wondered if Chizuma is credible enough to handle ACB office considering her corrupt and nepotistic tendencies at former office of Ombudsman.

The former UTM Youth Director claimed that Chizuma employed her relation at Ombudsman on nepotism grounds not on merit.

He dares Chizuma , “I’m giving you five days till Friday this week to explain to Malawians why did you allow this British firm to come to Malawi without respecting our sovereignty while arresting people without enough evidence.

“Much as I don’t condone corruption in Malawi, but ACB boss Chizuma is cruising fast which might cost this nation heavily. She has ill-motive when handling issues at ACB which we will not allow. Chizuma must come clear on her involvement in hiring a relation as former Ombudsman if the nation must trust her.”

Kalindo also asked Attorney General Chakaka Nyirenda to explain to the nation on which law did the British firm use to invade Malawi territory on arms deal probe.

“We will mobilize Malawians to stage at your offices until you give good reasons for allowing the Britons to muzzles us otherwise better resigns as you have proved to be incompetent”.

Chizuma is currently under fire conniving with social media influencers by disclosing national security matters while ignoring ACB role in probing corrupt deals.

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