Slow down, Onjezani Kenani! gagging state agency, media won’t make you popular; It’s naive not patriotism

Jan 27, 2022

Opinion by Deus Chikalaza

According to my observation it has emerged that Social-economic challenges Malawi is currently going through has turned some individuals into baggers for survival.

In my view , Malawi economic challenges cannot be fixed with the crop of politicians who most of them want always to fatten their bellies, pockets alongside family and friends.

So, some lazy and gold diggers have attained themselves as social media influencers while seeking public attention to be seeing doing something to the nation while the truth is to solicit incomes for their families.

Such individuals are busy everyday on social media; Facebook, WhatsAPP busy attacking businessmen, influential people in the society without substantial backing but only referring to old stories or copy from other sites.

The most recent social media attention seeker including Onjezani Kenani is currently parading with fake posts to attract public attention.

It’s however surprising to note that Onjezani Kenani whom many trusted for charity work has turned into a mockery of social media buzz on matters he has not evidence about.

In recent times, Kenani has been abusing his facebook wall with lies on national issues without evidence to back up his claims.
Kenani has become a mockery of lies against individuals without remorse.

Fortunately, none has taken him to court for defamation, slander he keeps on making in the name of patriotism.

For instance, he once claimed that Techno Brain, the company that Malawi government contracted to provide passports belonged to Business tycoon Sattar while it’s not true. The firm belong to international firm operating in other countries including Kenya.

Onjezani made another lie when he allegedly said that arrested Asian businessman Batatawala was immediately released on bail while the truth of the matter he was still in custody.
Kenani apologized to the public that he was misled.

Onjezani Kenani

Sorry, I was misled. Batatawala is still in ACB custody and is yet to be cautioned. There are two more arrests pending on this same issue. The arrest is on warrant from the court. Only the court can grant him bail. Mea culpa.”.
On December 17, 2021, made another serious allegation that Malawian judges’ children school fees is being paid by Sattar.

Onjezani Kenani
Sattar pays school fees for children of two judges, one at the High Court and another at the Supreme Court of Appeal. We know these judges. If any one of them touches the Sattar case we will raise hell until they recuse themselves.
This week again threatened The Maravi Post with a law suit of MK100 million for the article it carried on embattled Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma.
Kenani threats was no starter considering that the said article did not mention his name that a few hours later leaked audio his was named as ACB boss informant.

This means, Kenani’s posts are just being shared to his inbox without checking the validity of such post. In fact, he is being used by others to attack innocent individuals
Now, Onjezani is gaging Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Steven Kayuni why faulted the ACB director Chizuma for bringing to his office inconclusive material which cannot proceed for prosecution.
After misleading Chizuma with unfounded information on corruption, Kenani has gone to the public questioning DPP Kayuni.

Onjezani Kenani

Mkulu woyang’anira za kazengedwe ka milandu, Dr. Steven Kayuni, akaniza chilolezo ku bungwe lothana ndi katangale la A.C.B. kuti bungweli lisazenge mlandu mnzake wa ponda-apa-ndipondepo wa Sattar, Ashok Nair. Zifukwa zomwe akanizira chilolezochi sizikumveka bwinobwino, m’mene ndikuwonera ine. Akuti lipoti lake ndi losakwanira, koma ah, kaya.

(The Director of Public Prosecution Dr Steven Kayuni has stopped ACB not to prpsecute Sattar associate Ashok Nair. The reason for this are not clear. But the way I understand Martha’s request report is not enough).
If that is not enough Kenani three hours later, went to town calling for ACB Act to suit his interests.

Onjezani Kenani

Kodi sizingatheke kusintha malamulo kuti bungwe lothana ndi katangale la A.C.B. lisamachite kupatsidwa chilolezo ndi mkulu woona za mazengedwe a milandu, Director of Public Prosecution (D.P.P.)? Sizoona ayi kuti kwinaku timati bungwe la A.C.B. ndiloyima palokha, kwinaku tikutinso akagwira mbava aziyamba akatenga kaye chilolezo kwa D.P.P. Sindikunena izi chifukwa cha mlandu wa Sattar okhawu, koma ngakhale kutsogoloku, boma lakuba lililonse, kapena tinene kuti mbavamenti, lidzafuna kulepheretsa ntchito yothana ndi katangale pokana kulipatsa chilolezo bungwe la A.C.B. (Is it possible for ACB not to take orders from DPP when want to prosecute corruption cases? This is not right for ACB to take orders from DPP when want to prosecute corrupt individuals. I’m not saying this on Sattar case but also in future as the current set up will unable government fight corruption).

Does he know exactly why prosecuting agencies or office were instituted? What is his interests? What authority does Onjezani has to questioned already instituted legal public framework offices?

He must slow down on matters of state. He is not more intelligent and patriotic than over 19 million Malawians on petty and personal interest agenda.

No one win public trust by peddling with lies against individuals whom are not even proved wrong in the court of law.

If you are sincerely to what you posted on your facebook wall on judges, please name the judges than peddling lies.
Unfortunately, you get carried with unreasonable facebook followers’ comments whom many cannot question your lies, slanders.
The time you will be taken to court against these lies making, none of your followers will help with legal fees but only with comments.
Onjezani, you are not an authority in Malawi: You are not a police officer, judge, army officers to act as one but you are a mere citizen as the rest of us.
Use your social media platforms with posts that if you are taken to court you are to prove such claims.


Patriots are the people who support President Dr Lazarus Chakwera call to fight corruption than noise making online. Facebook attention seeking will not help our leadership achieve its agenda of fighting corruption.

The President has already demonstrated willingness to fight corruption so some misguided people should put their hands off.

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