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Magonjwa dares Parliament speaks on youth employment

Mar 22, 2022

BY Judgement Katika – Contributor

After long silence especially after outburst from the public over the broken English
youngest member of parliament from Machinga South East, Fyness Magonja spoke in Parliament where she asked for her fellow youths from her constituency to be included in one million Jobs, by creating more vacational centers.

Job Creation

Speaking when supporting the 2022-23 Budget at parliament, Magonjwa said alot of youths in her constituency are taking long journeys, going to south Africa in search of jobs, and there is a need for government to consider the youths from her constituency.

She said not only youngsters from her constituency but also those who are in different constituencies across the country, need help from government.

Magonjwa tackled on burning issues that her constituency is facing such as health agriculture and constitution development.

On Agriculture she expressed her concerned that the fertiliser farm inputs did not go well and urged government to improve the process.

She further thanked Minister of Finance for increasing Development fund, from 40 Million Kwacha to 100 Million Kwacha,saying the funds will go long way to develop her constituency and others in the country.

Magonjwa also appreciate government for raising the budget in health sector saying it will achieve the abuja declaration.

She further urged government to consider her constituency on the distribution of food earlier, in areas that are affected by cyclone Ana.

“I would also asked honorable Minister to increase funding to ministry of youths in order to increase the efficiency of youth mandatory”.

Meanwhile, Magonjwa is currently working with TEVETA so that in her constituency should be constructed a vocational center, with an aim of assisting Government the process of providing one million Jobs.

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