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African Agricultural Technology Foundation and National Commission for Science and Technology Sign Pact to Improve Agriculture Through the Use of Technology

Apr 6, 2022

By Judgement Katika

National Commission for Science and Technology and African Agricultural Technology Foundation have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to improve agriculture productivity in the country through the use of technology.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Education Science and Technology Agness Nyalonje described the launch as an important event saying the use of quality of seeds will help increase yield and improve agricultural productivity.

Said Nyalonje, “When we look at improving agricultural productivity in Malawi we look at three things quality of seed, quality of soil and knowledge and expertise of the farmer. Those 3 can lead to productivity improving if done well.”

Director General of National Commission for Science and Technology Professor Elijah Wanda said his organization will expand and amplify their role and mission of supporting, coordinating and promoting the application of science and technology.

“We will use this as a platform where we can bring together all the stakeholders and stimulate dialogue that will lead to effectiveness interms of implantation of all activities dealing with agriculture technology,” Wanda said.

In his remarks Executive Director for African Agricultural Technology Foundation Dr Canisius Kanangire said that they expect to work with partners in Malawi to help address the challenges affecting agriculture production.

“I know that in Malawi you have good policies which would allow biotechnology use in various areas of agriculture,” said Kanangire.

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