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Namalomba get this: Bingu’s decision was the worst decision ever made by any national leader

Jul 18, 2022

Now I understand why the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) performed miserably during its six years of misrule. The former ruling party is full of people who speak before they think. How do you expect people like Shadreck Namalomba to govern people, well let alone win an election? This also explains why the party is in disarray.

Hearing Namalomba who is the Member of Parliament for Mangochi Malombe and Spokesperson of former President Peter Mutharika speaking and glorifying President Bingu Wa Mutharika’s refusal to devalue the Kwacha in 2012 as the best ever decision made by a leader, I could not help to think that there are indeed some educated brutes (for lack of a befitting word) in this world.

During the flopped media briefing at Mutharika’s PAGE House in Mangochi on Sunday, Namalomba alleged that the country is in economic mess because of President Lazarus Chakwera’s decision to devalue the currency. He said President Chakwera should have borrowed a leaf from Bingu stance of standing firm to calls from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the devaluation.

Someone born yesterday would think that Bingu’s decision made this country better. However, Malawi has never been in a worst shape economically in recent years than the period Namalomba was referring to particularly the year 2012, that is the period leading to Bingu’s sudden death.

Those of age enough to remember events of those years have vivid recollection of how Bingu’s admirable first term legacies were forgotten by Malawians in a blink of an eye because of the suffering they went through due to the decision not to devalue the currency. Things started getting out of hand with the scarcity of foreign exchange, then there was the scarcity of fuel then people could not access basic commodities such as sugar.

Maybe Namalomba was trying to be politically correct but deep down his heart he knew that Bingu’s decision was one of the fatal decisions the fallen leader may have made. At the time of his sudden death, on that fateful day in April 2012, his popularity was so low as he failed to restore the economic gains he worked to build since 2004. This was a man who three years earlier had won the election with a landslide.

Now, here is the point Namalomba failed to explain. At some point leaders are supposed to make tough choices. Some of the choices are these, to devalue the currency or not. President Chakwera made the decision to devalue the currency and the economy is slowly picking up.

Devaluation maybe may be a painful economic measure but it is a safer one to explore as it keeps the economy afloat on the road to recovery. President Chakwera’s government could have chosen to take Bingu’s route but lessons of 2012 taught us never to experiment with people’s lives. Things maybe tough now but Malawi is in better off position now with devaluation than it was in 2012 without devaluation.

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