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Chakwera launches National Youth Service

Jul 19, 2022

By Bertha Chirwa

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says the National Youth Service is a sustainable way for creating jobs especially for those who do not have a chance to attain tertiary education.

He was speaking during the official launch of the National Youth Service on Tuesday in Neno district.

The president said his administration is geared to develop the skilled human resources that is needed for the realization of Malawi 2063 Vision of an inclusively wealthy and self reliant middle-income economy.

However he challenged those willing to enroll under the program to show commitment and work hard.

“If you are lazy and want good things to come to you for free, then you should not apply for this programme, because the new Malawi we are building is not for lazy people”.

Chakwera also said “giving young people skills for the jobs that the country needs today and in the future is not just the smart thing to do. It is also a matter of urgency because the global economy is in turmoil as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Eastern Europe, and climate change, which have combined forces to destroy millions of jobs for young people and rob them of the promise of a better future”.

He stressed the need to provide opportunities to the youths without exploiting them for political gains.

“Our goal is to give young people a chance to be part of the new Malawi that is rising, a Malawi that rewards productivity and hard work, not idleness.

What is new is that this time, the National Youth Service is designed to “to capitalize on the potential of youth of Malawi through sustained engagement in activities that promote productivity, innovation, entrepreneurship, livelihoods, character building, citizenship and patriotism”.He said.

The Initiative is targeting all youths across the country regardless of their political affliation and where they are coming from.

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