ABC awards President Chakwera for Servant Leadership

Jun 5, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

The African Bible College (ABC) on Saturday conferred the Dr. Jack W. Chinchen Award to President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera in recognition of his unique Servant Leadership.

The ‘Dr. Jack W. Chinchen Award for Christian Leadership and Service’ by the African Bible College (ABC) recognises the President servanthood type of leadership to those under his jurisdiction.

Presenting the award at the college’s 28th commencement ceremony, ABC president Paul Chinchen, disclosed that the college’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to recognize President Chakwera for his lifetime of genuine servant leadership.

Besides recognizing his leadership style as Head of State, the award also gives credit to what the Malawi leader achieved prior to assuming the highest office like founding Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) and Channel For All Nations Radio and TV.

In his keynote remarks President Chakwera advocated for servant leadership as the missing link between Malawi’s progress and its opposite.

“I cannot think of a time in our nation’s history when quality Christian leadership was needed more desperately than it is now. When I say quality leadership, I first of all mean leadership that is uncompromising in matters of ethics. Many of the ills of our nation in every sector are the direct result of decades of ethical compromise, leading to the multiple moral crises that we are currently facing as a nation,” he said.

The President applauded ABC for preparing their students in such a way that once they graduate they are ready to offer solutions to their respective communities in a range of ways.

“Every time I have interacted with a graduate of this institution, I have seen a spirit of initiative in them. They do not leave this institution to become experts in waiting. They leave this institution to start new schools, plant new churches, establish new media houses, lead new campaigns, launch new organizations, and build new businesses,” he said while deploring the spirit of waiting for jobs among graduates which robs them an opportunity to think outside the box.

African Bible College was established in 1995 and offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs in Christian Leadership, Education, Communication and Audiology at their Area 47 campus. It also has other campuses in Uganda and Liberia.

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