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ACB arrests former Homeland Minister Dausi

Jul 15, 2022

By Bertha Chirwa-Malawi Exclusive

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Friday morning arrested former Homeland Security Minister Nicholas Dausi over allegations that he abused his office.

According to inside source that former Minister is being accused of approving an exorbitant and unbudgeted for procurement contract between government and One Guard FZE of United Arab Emirates.

This is a contract that saw the supply of Uniforms and Equipment for Malawi Prison Services which were allegedly procured without procedure.

It is alleged that while the uniforms where being sourced at almost US$45 a piece, Malawi government was buying them at closer to US$200, with. A belt costing US$100.

Government was also being forced to pay for metal cups at almost US$50 a piece and spoons at US$20 a piece.

Frriday morning the ACB picked Dausi along former Minister of Finance Joseph Mwanamvekha who also served as Secretary to the Treasury during the plundering rule of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Currently Mwanamvekha is on bail on another case connnnected to misreporting of Malawi’s fiscal position and is also being accused of dubiously overseeing the sale of Malawi Savings Bank which was sold for a song and also overseeing Government repayment of toxic loans to the bank which were also given dubiously to DPP operatives including Feston Mulli of the Mulli Brothers Limited.

It is not clear why Mwanamvekha was again picked by the ACB or whether another arrest has been effected on him.

ACB Spokesperson Egrita Ndala has confirmed the arrest of Dausi but could not divulge more information on the charge as well as on Mwanamvekha.

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