Adoption of Doha programme of action is a must- Chakwera

Mar 18, 2022

By Lisa Kadango Malango in New York

President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera has said Doha Programme of Action needs collaborative collective and courageous response as it contains measures for eradicating people’s poverty in Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

He said this on Thursday in his capacity as Chairperson of LDCs during the adoption of the Doha Programme of Action for LDCs at the United Nations Headquarters in New York USA.

Chakwera said COVID-19 Pandemic has increased poverty levels in LDCs by 35 percent in the past two years hence the contributing factor to higher poverty levels.

“COVID-19 pandemic is happening while LDCs are already choking from countries in the global north adopting the containment measures that includes inequalities in vaccine distribution travel restrictions and access to global markets and supply chains,” he noted.

The President stressed that this was happening while LDCs are choking from the rising cost of goods triggered by the war in Eastern Europe hence heavily affected.

He pointed that the current global context could be more pressing as it demands collaborative collective and courageous response for a quick recovery path for the world’s most vulnerable countries as the action was the only hope.

Chakwera said that, “Surely it is not too much to ask that we have a programme whose ambition is to show solidarity with the world’s poorest people to accelerate development in countries where poverty levels have become an unsustainable burden for the global economy.”

He explained that the adoption of the Doha Programme of Action contains all what the LDCs needs right now that includes eradicating poverty, ending peoples hunger and malnutrition increasing exports and trade and internet access among others.

The Chairperson lamented that bringing together nations under the LDCs banner would assist to move towards the kind of shared prosperity that would make the term LDCs obsolete as it contains measures for enabling LDCs meet the criteria for graduation.

“For our nations to achieve the Doha Programme of Action, there is need for implementation that will take us over the next ten years with strong monitoring mechanisms both at global and regional levels,” Chakwera viewed.

He called upon for the entire United Nations system, UN resident coordinators, UN leadership and development partners to supports efforts to implement the programme at all levels.

The Malawi Leader concludes that Malawi was very grateful for the support which has been rendered in chairing the LDCs throughout the Chairmanship and the responsive to the pressing needs that are created within the LDCS.

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres said the conference offers an opportunity for LCDs to discuss the adoption of the next programme of action and its implementation.

LDCs number five provides forum for Heads of States and government to address current challenges gain international support, foster partnerships, redressing long standing inequalities and marginalization among others.

The Fifth United Nations Conference on the LDCs will be held in two parts the first part taking place here at United Nations Headquarters in New York and the Second will be held in Doha Qatar in 2023.

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