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AFORD President, Chihana to donates fertilizer to Karonga dry spell affected farmers for winter cropping

Mar 23, 2023

After donating to cyclone Freddy victims, the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) President, Enoch Chihana has disclosed plans

to visit dry spell affected farmers in Karonga district.

According to Chihana, he is afraid that the district may be affected by hunger if solutions are not taken in good time.

The AFORD leader said after accessing the situation, he will donate bags of fertilizer to the affected farmers for winter cropping.

Apart from that, Chihana said he will also help farmers to access cassava cuttings and sweat potato vines.

“I have just heard from the news that the district is heavily affected by dry spell. And as a leader of AFORD, I know that the affected families are fellow Malawians. I therefore can’t wait and do nothing if there is an opportunity. And as I am talking, I am preparing to visit the district,” he said.

He then called for more help from different stakeholders in order to save the lives of the residents.

Over 10, 000 hectares of crops have been affected due to the dry spell.

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