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Africa will emerge stronger from the current world economic crisis- Says Chakwera

Jul 11, 2022

President Lazurus McCarthy Chakwera said there is no challenge big enough that can break break the spirit of Africans if they come together. President Chakwera said this at the official opening of the 51 Plenary Assembly of SADC Parliamentary Session on Monday at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe
The Malawi leader said the whole world has been affected by the rising of global and regional problems such as Covid-19, the Ukraine war and tropical Cyclones which has destabilized the common purpose of these countries.
“All around us on every continent are rising tides of global and regional upheavals, a time beset with existential threats to our way of life, common purpose and destiny.”. Said President Chakwera
However, President said that he remains hopeful that African countries will overcome these problems through regular engagements like the SADC Parliamentary gathering he was opening
“But in the face of these shocks, we have remained confident that we will come out of these raging seas stronger and better primarily because we know that we belong to a great African family that knows the importance leaning on family in times of pain and darkness. There is no storm in this world in this world that can break the bonds of solidarity and brotherhood that binds us together.” Said President Chakwera
The theme of this year’s Plenary session is Towards Energy Sufficient, Sustainability and Self Sufficiency in the SADC region. This is the time fourth time for Malawi to host the Parliamentary session. The first time held in 2000 and the last one was held in 2012 under President Joyce Banda


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