All is set for this year’s Chewa Kulamba Ceremony 

Aug 24, 2022

Chewa Heritage Foundation (CHEFO) says all preparations leading to this year’s Kulamba Ceremony  have been completed. The ceremony will be held  on Saturday 27th August from 8 O’clock in the morning  at Mkaika in Zambia .

Addressing a press conference in Lilongwe CHEFO Secretary General Dr Numeri Geresomo said  that those who want to attend the Kulamba Ceremony are supposed to get a clearance letter from CHEFO office at Old Wenela  , in Lilongwe and for those who may need provide their name , Vehicle Number and number of people to travel in the car.

Geresomo has advised people who are preparing to attend the ceremony to be there on time. He added that people who have  received invitation cards to be seated at the venue by 8 am.

“We are encouraging people who are going to the event to make sure that they reach the border by 5am so that they can be cleared in good time to he at Mkaika by 8am.

“During the Kulamba ceremony  , it is expected that there may have three heads of state in attendance. This will make it imperative that should be there before the function will start .It will not be easy and respectful to take seats when dignitaries are already seated .”He explained

He went on to say that people are supposed to put on Chewa heritage attire which include Chewa wrapper which is currently found at CHEFO offices in Lilongwe.

He said the ceremony will be held after two year’s of not organising one due to Covid-19 restrictions.

CHEFO was founded by Kalonga Gawa Undi who is the supreme leader of the Chewa people with the aim of uniting Chewa people in Malawi , Mozambique and Zambia.

Kulamba Ceremony is a Chewa  annual cultural event where chiefs and their subjects pay homage to their King Kalonga Gawa Undi.

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