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APM no show at Operation Tigwirane Manja Campaign conference

Mar 23, 2023

Former head of State Professor Arther Peter Mutharika did not attend Operation Tigwirane Manja Campaign conference which took place at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre.

Malawi leader President Dr Lazarus Chakwera in his quest to widen scope of Operation Tigwirane Manja Campaign invited all former heads of state who ruled this country since the dawn of multi party democracy to Sanjika Palace.

Despite assurance by his personal spokesperson Shadric Namalomba of Mutharika availability, he never turned up last minute.

Only two Former Heads of States Muluzi and Banda have honoured the invitation and attended the conference.

During the conference, the President stressed on the need for national unity in order for the country to forge ahead during this trying times.

Malawi is home to three former heads of states and these include; Dr Bakili Muluzi who ruled this country since 1994 to 2004.

Muluzi was taken over by Bingu wa Mutharika who ruled under Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from 2004 and but died in 2012, while serving his last term of 2009 to 2014.

His vice Joyce Banda was then sworn in as Malawi President in 2012 , served only two years and lost in 2014 to Professor Arther Peter Mutharika.

As he continues with the “Tigwirane Manja” campaign which he launched last week, gave them an update regarding the effects of Cyclone Freddy.

President Chakwera invited all former Heads of State, including Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, after witnessing the devastation caused by the cyclone and how it has affected people, goods and even crops, during his visit to the affected areas, in the southern region, last week.

The President appealed to all Malawians to set aside politics and instead hold hands during this calamity.

His Excellency Dr. Muluzi commended President Chakwera for coordinating government’s efforts in providing assistance to the affected areas.

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