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Apostle Kawinga allocates K46Million for flood survivors

Feb 5, 2022

By Bright Ndau

A business mogul cum Man of God, Apostle Clifford Kawinga indigenous Malawian has allocated K46m to help people who were affected by cyclone Anna in Chikwawa, Sanje and Dedza.

Apostle Kawinga says his relief items to support the floods victims will be procured using the funds he pledged few weeks ago to give the Flames players and officials of the Flames national team had they won the game against Morocco at African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Apostle Kawinga promised to give all the flames officials and players each Mk1m ahead of the crush against Morocco if flames got desired result during the match which however the flames succumbed to 3-1 loss.

“Since the support to flames was within corporate social responsibility programs that we do, we have opted to relocated the same funds to help people affected by the floods because flames could not redeem the pledge” Apostle Kawinga he said.

Kawinga clarified that the pleaded he made was based on the condition that the team wins and where it did not win, the pledge became invalid hence relocating the money to help those affected by the cyclone Anna floods.

Apostle Kawinga who has been involved in charity work for a long time he is the Managing Director of group of companies including Director and Chief Executive Officer of Creck Hardware and General Suppliers, CK Ceramics, Sharon Private Schools and CK Farm and Cold Storage. Aposle Kawinga is also the founder of Salvation for All Ministries .

The K46 Million relief items donation has been allocates to help three areas . K10 million Kwacha has been allocated to Dedza district relief items while Chikwawa and Nsanje has been allocated K26m . K10m has been allocated to Citizen Transformation Initiatives spearheaded by Onjezani Kenani to help others who want help through his initiative.

Meanwhile Salvation for all Ministries on Friday and Saturday distributed relief items to 214 households in the area of group village head Kamenyagwaza and 64 households in group village Malikeni in the area of Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza in Dedza District.

Francis Chiphikizo Ward Counsellor for the area said he is grateful of the gesture by Apostle Kawinga and the Salvation for All Ministries.
“Apostle Kawinga has been exceptionally a friend indeed. God bless him” he said.
Apostle Kawinga has disclosed that Nsanje and Chikwawa reliefs item with be distribution next week.

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