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Attack on new Police  Chief  Driven by malice 

Jul 31, 2022

An opinion

There are some people who are blessed with moral turpitude, they don’t want to see others succeed in life. They will always fight to pull others down.

The new Inspector General of Police is among the victims of sheer malice with some political ingredients.

On 22 July 2022, the state president Dr Lazarus Chakwera appointed Mrs Merlyne Yolamu to the position of Inspector General (IG) replacing Dr Kainja who is suspected to have solicited bribes from Zunneth Sattar.

This appointment has not been welcomed by enemies of progress, they have since accused the new IG of many dirty dealing including age cheating and involvement in Sattar corruption scandal.

On age allegations, our investigations established that the new Inspector General, Merlyne Yolamu, was born in 1963. All her official documents indicate this year of birth.

Legally, Mrs Yolamu is expected to retire next year and she will do just that. Even the appointing authority is aware of her impending retirement. Any contrary information about her age is just out of malice, possibly to massacre Yolamu’s public image. Yolamu hasn’t tampered with her age.

On her alleged role in the Sattar corruption scandal, through Malawi Police Service food rations contract, in her erstwhile capacity, Deputy Inspector General, we have established that there is no proof of any illegal involvement in the procurement process.

She simply followed all due procedures, if any wrong doing then it might have been done at some point within the procurement chain. As per rules and regulation within MPS, by virtue of being Deputy IG then, Merlyne was automatically Internal Procurement Committee Chairperson.

Although actual evaluation exercise of any bid, the controversial one inclusive, is done by the International Procurement Committee also referred to as Internal Procurement and Disposal Committee (IPDC), it must be understood that Mrs Yolamu was not part of the evaluation team.

From what we gathered, a company owned by Zuneth Sattar, Xavier Ltd won the contract after satisfying due procurement protocol.

All institutions involved in evaluation chain vetted and approved the bid. However, when Sattar corruption scandal came to limelight, the actual contract implementation was halted by the committee led by the new IG.

It is alleged that some police officers and other public ones solicited bribes from Sattar, however, Mrs Yolamu wasn’t among them. Up to now, no one, not even Anti-Corruption Bureau has implicating evidence against Merlyne.

Some of us have also gone through the court filings by the UK’s National Crime Agency but Merlyne’s name is not there. Had it been she was implicated and actually gotten something from Sattar, just like vice President Saulosi Klaus Chilima and her former boss Jimmy Kainja her name could definitely have been there.

Evil minded people just want to damage Merlyne’s public image and possibly try to block her expected confirmation by Parliament.

From what we gathered, Mrs Yolamu has nothing to hide, her conscience is clean. She has not been involved in any of Sattar corrupt dealings.

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