Attorney Nyirenda acting withing Law

Jan 10, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

The country’s Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda says is executing his duties on Amnesty with mandate derived from the laws of Malawi.

He made these remarks on Monday morning, January 10,2022 during Government Face the Press.

Chakaka said his office is doing this to have tangible evidence that will lead to recover at least K50 billion of taxpayers through prosecutions with interest, adding that his office has independently issued the amnesty after thorough consultations on the issue, which is commonly referred to as “In the public interest”, but the AG Nyirenda was quick to say that such evidence will first be assessed before regarded as tangible and valid to amnesty.

” When we are talking of amnesty, we are not talking of cases with overwhelming evidence against the person. We are not talking of Batatawala, Mapeto, Sattar, Zamir Karim, but we want those people who are not even appearing on the list.” Said the AG while addressing the Press.

He added that this (amnesty) is not new as it has been done before, hence nothing is done contrary to law in the proceedings, citing that all is being covered under criminal and common law.

Chakaka also told the press that the termination of all the contracts owned by or connected with Zuneith Sattar business entities with immediate effect has nothing contrary to law as being the Government lawyer, he was in a position to write and sign for it without contradicting any law, and that it doesn’t restrict or bar any mandated institution from investigating suspects of any crime.

The AG further told the nation through the press that those listed for questioning or arrests will not be beneficiaries of the amnesty.

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