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AU for concerted efforts in dealing with African challenges

May 28, 2022

By Mphatso Nkuonera- In Malabo Equatorial Guinea
Malabo, May 27, Mana:

The 15th AU Extraordinary Session of the Assembly on Humanitarian Summit and Pledging Conference, has opened with a call to African leaders to join efforts in dealing with various challenges the continent is currently facing.

Heads of State and Governments

Speaking during the opening session of the assembly, various speakers emphasized on the need for Africa to work in solidarity in addressing its own challenges with a common political will.

President Lazarus Chakwera listening attentively to the deliberations

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is among the African heads of state attending the summit where the leaders has also made pledges towards humanitarian assistance in Africa.

Heads of State and Government are meeting at Sipopo Conference Center in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea to consolidate their efforts to addressing the humanitarian challenges Africa is currently facing and develop resource mobilization strategies for addressing them.

President Theodore Obiang Nguema Basogo of Equatorial Guinea said Africa must look at its own development positively without any international interference.

“Our founding fathers of the AU knew that Africa must not be divided by any challenges of the world, hence the need to work together. Solutions to the matters affecting Africa lies in the hands of African leaders themselves,” Mbasogo said.

President of the African Union Moussa Faki Muhamat said there is a great need of supporting those suffering in many ways in Africa.

“The presence of the heads of state at this summit signifies their commitment in dealing with humanitarian challenges,” Moussa said.

Chairperson of the African Union and Senegalese President Macky small said Terrorism and conflicts have become a surge, saying 30 million people worldwide are homeless.

“I appeal to all member states to embrace the culture of dialogue regardless of the situation because that’s the only way peace can be achieved in Africa, prevention is better than cure,” he said.

Speaking during a closed session President of the Republic of Malawi who is also SADC Chairperson Dr. Lazarus Chakwera stressed the need for Africa to collectively work together in dealing with the challenges it is facing.

Chakwera also said it is imperative that Africa sets a robust monitoring and evaluation functions to avoid the Union deciding and passing resolutions on the same issues time and again.

“I would also like to echo the need for member states to accent to conventions, protocols and other legal instruments regarding humanitarian matters, most specifically on refugees and IDPs. They should be in our conscience as we grapple with humanitarian situations,” he said.

At least 130 million people need emergency humanitarian assistance in Africa with most of them affected by various challenges including Covid 19, floods and other pressures of the world. The last pledging conference was held in 2011.

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