AUSC,  Region 5 and ANOCA ZONE VI signs MOU

Dec 3, 2022

African Union Sports Council (AUSC)  Region 5 and Confederation of Southern African National Olympic Committees (ANOCA ZONE VI) have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which is aimed at strengthening working relationship amongst the three bodies.

Speaking during the signing ceremony AUSC chairperson who is also Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Sports Isaac Katopola said the MOU is going to help in ensuring practicability and usability of some pillars such as gender within the sports organs.

The signing ceremony is very important because it will colaborate in different areas. There are so many areas that we have signed on such as gender , as well issues to do with inclusion of people with disability. We have also signed that there should be high performance amongst African teams so that our athletes go very far”

According to Katopola , MOU has been  entered into in respect of the establishment, implementation and evaluation of mutually agreed Regional Sports Programmes and Projects in an endeavor to promote excellence at all levels by the Region’s athletes, coaches, technical Officials and sports administrators.

During the ceremony Region Chief Executive Officer Stanley Mtoya gave background to the signing of the MOU.

He said the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA) was formed in 1972 by Africa’s founding fathers.  The body was formed to among other things, use sport as a vehicle to fight for Africa’s liberation and freedom from colonialism and apartheid.  In the late 1970’s and during the 1980’s the countries in Southern Africa called on the then SCSA to ensure that there was normal sport in the colonized countries of Southern Africa. They also called on sport in tackling apartheid. The Countries in the then SCSA Zone VI were called the Frontline States as they were in the frontline fighting against colonialism and all types of discrimination including discrimination in sport.

Later, when ANOCA was formed, the founding fathers of Africa realized the importance of collaboration and cooperation between Governments and the Olympic Movement.  At the continental level, the SCSA and ANOCA used to share the same office and Mr. Jean Claude Ganga, a former Minister of Congo who became the Secretary General of the SCSA, became a long time President of ANOCA.

In his speech Anoca Zone Vi President Alfred Foloko said  the MOU is so important because will focus in resolving critical areas such as ; High performance ,Governance and Strategy , Sports Development , Capacity Development, Olympism and Olympic Education , Games and Events Clean Sport.

Other areas were Information and Communication Technology, Research and Development , Sport for Development and
Sport legacy.

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