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Barry Segal child feeding and wellness centre opens in Zomba

Feb 5, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Former Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda has opened Barry Segal Feeding and wellness Centre at Domasi in the area of Traditional Authority (TA/) Malemia, Zomba.

Speaking during the opening ceremony held on Saturday, February 5, Dr. Banda said the centre was opened in a bid to build a good start for children and better personalities in the society for a responsible community.

“It is scientifically proven and revealed that a determination of productive people in a society happens between the ages of zero and 5. In this case, my goal is not to lose out in today’s era on formation of good leaders,” said Banda.

Meanwhile, Banda has reiterated that despite the fact that leaders are born with 30 percent leadership traits, 70 percent of the leadership skills are added from the society.

Through the findings of the research, Dr. Banda has written a book from Day One. In the book, Joyce Banda presents persuasive evidence, enriched by her first-hand accounts, of the importance of granting the girl child the same openings as the boy from the very beginning.

Her work examines the impact of this unfulfilled potential for the African continent and provides actionable recommendations for government, civil society, international organizations, and individuals.

A focus on children from zero to 10 years old is critical as it gives the children a good beginning for a better future.

The Joyce Banda Foundation was established in 1997 to address challenges many Malawians including women, girls and the vulnerable are facing. The main focus is on education, health (maternal, HIV/AIDS as well as rural and community transformation. The first school was opened in 1997 in Blantyre, Malawi and by 2003, The Joyce Banda Foundation had opened 2 (two) more schools.

By 2018, JBFI had sent 6500 boys and girls to school with all of them attaining High School, 1500 had acquired tertiary education out of whom, 30 are medical doctors.

Currently, Joyce Banda Foundation has 35 orphan care and feeding centres where children receive early childhood education. The centres also serve as feeding centres for the rural communities.

The feeding program is also extended to People Living with HIV/AIDS in the same communities.
Barry Segal Feeding and Wellness Center was opened with assistance from Segal Family Foundation.

The Segal Family Foundation believe in a world where development is steered by grassroots leaders and power is shifted into the hands of communities.

The Foundation work across Sub-Saharan Africa and strive to be true partners to the grantees, it aims at changing the power dynamics inherent in traditional philanthropy and prove that a new, more equitable, and responsive approach that is not only more fair, but more effective.
Segal Family Foundation has partnered the Joyce Banda Foundation in the feeding and wellness centre for children.

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