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Blackouts to ease by Christmas this year-Chakwera

Jun 6, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Malawi leader President Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Monday officially inaugurated the 20MW Golomoti Solar Power Plant in the area of Senior Chief Kachindamoto in Dedza.

Speaking during the function the Malawi President said the plant which is of high class in the SADC region will contribute highly in reducing black outs.

The President said he decommissioned the wasteful generators that ESCOM had hired under the previous administration, because Malawians deserve an energy
programme that belongs to a sustainable future, not one
that is stuck in the broken past.

He said Malawians deserve an energy programme that aligns with nationally
determined goals of reducing Greenhouse emissions by 51 percent by 2040.

“For this reason, I must commend
the innovation and speed exemplified by JCM in the implementation of these projects, taking us 80MW closer to our goal of having 1000MW supplied to the grid. Additionally, JCM deserves recognition for the 465 jobs,” Said the Malawi Leader.

He said the creation of 465 Jobs during the construction phase of this project,
proves that the policy of creating a conducive environment for private sector investment as a catalyst for job and wealth creation is the right one.

Chakwera said this fortifies his resolve to move forward with the Private sector Investment Labs that his office is planning to facilitate in two weeks through the Presidential Delivery
Unit, whose aim is to identify any remaining bottlenecks which need to be removed to expedite and escalate the level of investments in the energy sector and other sectors.

“I cannot overemphasize our nation’s need for Independent Power Producers because this is the fourth power
plant being commissioned under my Administration, and yet the demand for more remains higher than ever.

This is because despite the added power-generating capacity realized from these plants, we have also lost
much of that capacity due to the incapacitation of Kapichira Hydro Power Plant by Tropical Storm Ana,
forcing us to resort to load-shedding.

I know that the blackouts have been inconvenient, but Malawians can
expect to see a significant drop in blackouts by Christmas.”

Upon his arrival, the President was first briefed about the facility and later toured the Solar Power Plant Premises.

In their address, Chief Executive officer for JCM Power Mr Christian Wray, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Malawi Sylvia Giannakis, the Deputy British High Commissioner David Perth and the Germany Ambassador His Ralph Timmermann applauded President Dr Lazarus Chakwera for his commitment towards sustainable power energy.

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  1. Chamba chenicheni and then we will be hearing kuti kwadzadza zinyalala. The worst government ever, Magetsi akubvuta kwambiri osanamizana. Ife amene tiri pa ground tikulira kwambiri.

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