Blantyre District Council rejects the 18 August Demos

Aug 11, 2022

The Blantyre District Council has rejected application by the grouping organizing the demonstrations which were scheduled to take place on the 18th of this month.

According to the letter addressed to the Concerned Citizens, DC for Blantyre Bannet Mkasala cited lack of adequate information regarding some arrangements of the planned demonstrations which inconvenience the police to plan accordingly.

“Your notice lacks adequate information as provided for in the Malawi Police Act Section 96 (9) (1) to (h) and as such, it is practically not possible for stakeholders to plan accordingly in terms of security and other arrangements,” reads the letter.

The letter further explained that the Council has rejected the application on the ground that that the Sanjika Palace, where the petition is supposed to delivered, is a prohibited area as provided for by the Malawi Police Act.
It reads: “The place you intend to deliver your petition- Sanjika Palace is a prohibited area as provided for in the Malawi Police Act. Section 103”

The letter emphasized that the letter serves as a warning that no one will be allowed to demonstrate in Blantyre on 18 and 22 August. The letter warns the organizers of demonstrations in the strongest terms that anyone who will go against the restriction will be liable for prosecution.

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