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Business tycoons offer of K10Million to Nyau Uyu in exchange of Sex is against President Chakwera vision

Jul 11, 2022

A stand up comedian Nyauyu has disclosed that some top business tycoons asked for sexual favours from her in exchange for sponsoring her Vilekeke Night of Laughter series.

According to Nyauyu, real name Felistus Ngwira, one wealthy man offered her K10 million in exchange for the forbidden fruit.

What happened is against President Dr Lazarus Chakwera campaign for women social and economic empowerment.

The President has appointed many women in key decision making positions as one way of ensuring that they are fully empowered.

Nyauyu complains that while she was busy contacting commpany CEOs for possible sponsorship, some were busy harbouring ill motives aimed at helping her only in exchange of sex.

Nyauyu says her experience while executing the Vilekeke Night of Laughter event is unforgettable.

“It has been an eye opening & has stretched me beyond what I thought I was able to do. I have made connections that will push me further in life and career. At the same time I have experienced the challenge of being a woman in the industry and just work in general,” said Nyauyu.

She says while some quarters were appreciating what she was offering at both professional and abusiness levels, others whom she approached saw it as a chance to take advantage and disrespect her as a woman by asking for sexual favours.

“Instead of taking the opportunity to work with me and help raise the flag of comedy and Malawi higher they wanted me to debase myself and give them sexual favours in exchange of professional partnership and sponsorship.

“I remember someone told me ‘I can give you 10 million just now all you have to do is come to my room uzanidikulire’. I looked at this man and said ‘So the idea doesn’t matter all you want is to enter the holy of holies of Vilekeke Kingdom? and he said yes with no shame at all eee kweni doda lila mwabanthu Vilekeke,” she laments.

Nyauyu says we might not go far as a country not because we do not have game changers but because some decision makers want to make decisions using their “downstairs” and as long as they are satisfied they don’t care the implementation of projects.

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