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Chakwera a blessing to Malawians-Lawyer Ambokire Salim

Jun 30, 2022

In a world where falsehood and deceit continue to prevail over truth; in a world where people choose to overlook good things a person does and concentrate on negatives, it is refreshing to see men of repute whose voice matters coming out commending President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s tremendous strides in the past two years.

Ambokire Salimu’s name needs no further introduction as he is one of the fine lawyers in the country. As someone who rarely takes sides on issues of politics, it is difficult to associate him with any political party. This is the more reason his voice becomes credible enough to be believed whenever he says something.

Writing on his Facebook page Salimu has positive things to say about this country’s leadership. Salimu sees in President Chakwera a leader who has good intentions for the country and he wishes to see him ruling this country beyond 2025.

He said: “I personally have loads of faith in our State President who is also the President of MCP. May he continue delivering on what his Alliance promised Malawians.

“I hear he prays and fasts a lot: may he gain the revelation about who ought to be around him and who should not as he pushes his agendas forward.”

He added: “I for one will be sad to see him go in 2025. He means well for this country, in my opinion, and I wish he continues beyond 2025. May God bless the country I call home.”

It is worth to note that while there are some people who prays earnestly for President Chakwera to fail there are so many silent admirers who prays ceaselessly for him to succeed. While there are many noise makers who relishes every opportunity to admonish the President, there are many appreciate him and his work.

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