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Chakwera-a friend of the world

Sep 15, 2022

The Eastern African Heads of State may have spoken at the historic inaugauration of William Ruto in the Kenyan Capital Nairobi on Tuesday but it was the warm embrace shared between President Ruto and President Lazarus Chakwera and and the subsequent gracious introduction which stole the show.

Any Inauguration is historic but this one was “admirably” distinct based on how things unfolded. Unlike some inauguration where the director of ceremonies becomes the busiest person, on this day the newly sworn President was the busiest than everyone else at the function.

In fashion President Ruto made several announcements and the introduction of Heads of State and other delegates himself.

When the time to introduce the Malawi leader came, President Ruto spoke of him (President Chakwera) in a tone which showed respect friendliness, admiration and affection

He said: “Allow me to introduce a man who knows this country very well and a Pastor, Doctor Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of Malawi.”

Any other day, this statement may seem ordinary but it was a strong expression of admiration and respect for the Malawi leader.

The statement which says “a man who knows Kenya very well” shapes what to come interms of bilateral and trade relationship between the two brotherly countries. Surely this provides a platform for engagements between the two countries.

This was not the first time that President Chakwera was spoken of in good terms. When he delivered a moving eulogy at the funeral of the fallen Tanzanian President John Magufuli, the global audience took notice of who President Chakwera is. If not for the delivery of the eulogy but the Pan African tone and the substance it contained elavated Malawi to an iconic status on a global space.

No wonder, soon after that eulogy, Professor Lumumba, a reknowned legal scholar and motivational speaker sought an up-close audience with the Malawi leader just to know the man who stole his heart. Since then Lumumba has made Malawi his home with his frequent visits.

Just last week the US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman spoke glowingly of her anticipation to host the Malawi leader at the UN General Assembly

She said: “We are eagerly looking forward to host President Lazarus Chakwera at the UN General Assembly later this month.”

President Chakwera’s global reputation is that of a leader who is a friend to the world. A leader who wants to make the world home from home.

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