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Chakwera advises intellectuals to join him in propelling message of hope to Malawians

Feb 24, 2023

By Rose Cross MahoryaMzuzu, February 24, Mana: President Lazarus Chakwera has asked intellectuals in the country to join him in propelling message of hope for a better Malawi and not vice versa.Chakwera was speaking in Mzuzu Friday when he attended University of Livingstonia’s (Unilia) 16th Graduation Ceremony at Mzuzu Auction Floors Hall.The President said that he accepted the invitation to be part of the ceremony because he knew that he was going to meet a group of intellectuals that will understand the need for patience and hope for a better tomorrow.“I accepted to be part of this occasion because I knew I was going to be in the company of intellectuals who know the meaning of patience and holding a hope that tomorrow they shall have a future that they desire.I am aware that as a country we do not have enough capacity to generate enough forex which is one of the resources that would help improve welfare of Malawian. However, discouraging people that there is no hope for better change will not help the situation,” said Chakwera.He said that he has all the hope in the graduates that will join him propel messages that will instill and courage amongst Malawians.Chancellor for Unilia, Reverend Reuben Msowoya said it is the university’s hope that the graduates will not be like other graduates who failed to perform in the industry.“We equipped you with skills and knowledge to enable you get employed as well as employ yourself and others.We therefore expect you to do well out there and continue carrying the University’s flag where ever you go,” said Msowoya.General Secretary for CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, Reverend William Tembo added that besides academic studies the graduates under went strict Christian principles.“Among the graduating students, are 185 nursing and 60 clinical medicine students; we therefore do not expect to hear a graduate from this group being among those health workers ill-treating patients,” said Tembo.

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