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Chakwera appoints Commissioner Yolam as new IG

Jul 22, 2022

Barely weeks after appointing Ms. Colleen Zamba as the Secretary to the office of President and Cabinet (SPC), President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has scored another mark on women empowerment following his appointment of Merlyne Yolamu as a new Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service.

Until her appointment, Yolamu was Deputy Inspector General of Police, responsible for administration.

The statement we have seen signed by Zamba, Yolamu’s appointment is subject to confirmation by the National Assembly as per Constitution.

President Lazarus Chakwera’s appointment of Yolamu comes weeks after firing the former boss for Malawi Police Service, and is in line with Section 154(2) of the Laws of Malawi.

Chakwera has gone on record for championing women empowerment in various positions and sectors.

Chakwera fired the Inspector General of Police Dr. George Kainja over his involvement into the alleged corruption saga relating to United Kingdom based Malawian businessman Zuneth Sattar.

Chakwera made the announcement during his National Address at Kamuzu Palace in the capital Lilongwe, in reaction to a report submitted to him by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) following the end of a 21 day ultimatum he gave the bureau to serve his office with a report on allegations that some top officials in his government are involved in Sattar’s corruption scandal.

Among the high profile names connected to Sattar corrupt activities also included Vice President Saulosi Klaus Chilima who the President has since withheld all delegated duties until the case is concluded.

According to Chakwera the decision was to pave way for investigations the ACB is conducting relating to the involvement of the people in Sattar’s corruption activities.

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