Chakwera calls for intensified commercial and mechanized farming

Nov 18, 2022

President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says it is high time Malawians took agriculture seriously by graduating from subsistence to commercial farming.

President Chakwera said this on Friday in Lilongwe during the graduation ceremony at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)

President Chakwera said the mindset change should start with the attitude of treating farming as the source of food rather than meeting the commercial value.

“The second wrong mindset we must challenge and reject is farming is for subsistence, whose goal is simply to grow enough for you to eat. This mindset has prevailed across this country for decades, and you see it in every village just by looking at size of farms people have, the primitive farming tools and methods people use, and the crops people grow. Everything about Malawi’s farming culture and history shows that we all think farming is primarily a source of food for us to eat”

The Malawi leader further said that if the country is to realize one of the agendas of the Malawi 2063 of wealth creation, the country needs to change the approach of farming by embracing it as an enterprise.

‘’But if we are going to become an upper middle-income economy, we must change our entire approach to farming by embracing it as an enterprise for creating wealth’’

President Chakwera’s comment was building on the call for the citizenry for a mindset change if the if the pillars spelled out in the Malawi 2063 vision of self-reliant and inclusive wealthy is to be realistic.

‘’But if we are going to make this a reality, there is a mindset change that needs to happen on several fronts. The first wrong mindset we must challenge and reject is that farming is a vocation for the poor and illiterate. Nothing could be farther from the truth’’

The 6th congregation of the University of LUANAR has seen students totaling 439 graduating from different programs and levels such as diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy.

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