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Chakwera calls for joint effort in combating corruption

Jul 25, 2022

Presidenr Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says he expects a new anti-corruption approach that demands all relevant institutions, duty-bearers, and office-bearers to not only produce the desired results that they are funded to produce, but a new approach that also demands that they work together to safeguard the sustainability of the fight against the fight.

Chakwera said the country needs an approach that demands parliament to play it’s role by addressing the inconsistencies and gaps in the country laws.

“Parliament must look at the country’s laws comprehensively, laws that regulate political party financing, laws that regulate public procurement, laws that regulate financial transactions between private and public sector, laws that regulate interagency cooperation, laws that regulate the proper conduct of criminal investigations.

“So if Parliament is serious about the independence of our institutions, then it must go all the way in ensuring that no entity, whether domestic or foreign, is able to influence how and when laws are enforced in this country,” he said.

However, Chakwera said there is need for each and every stakeholder taking part in the conference to understand their roles in the fight against corruption.

“But even with Parliament playing its role, we need this conference to define a role for each and every stakeholder in the anti-corruption fight, so that before we leave here, each stakeholder can publicly commit to that role.

“In that context, I am also happy to announce that I have directed the SPC to initiate the process of reactivating Malawi’s membership in the Open Government Partnership, which aims at raising the level of accountability across the Government in general and using international tools and standards in ensuring that we have a system that prevents corruption from taking place in the first place, not just a system that punishes and prosecutes it when the damage has already been done,” he said.

The two-day National Anti Corruption Conference has been organised by the ministry of justice and the Anti Corruption Bureau under the theme “Resetting the Nation’s Moral Tone”.

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