Chakwera calls for new thinking to achieve MW2063 agenda

Sep 1, 2022

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says Malawi needs a new kind of citizen with new thinking to achieve the new objectives outlined in the Malawi 2063.

He made the statement on Thursday at Bingu International Convention Center in Lilongwe at the launch of the Theological Society of Malawi.

He said the thinking capacity of Malawians has been broken at all levels of the society where much focus is put at pointing at what is wrong with the country and leaving the responsibility to someone else to fix things.

“If the new Malawi we are building is going to continue to rise, then we must each accept the part we play in damaging the country and must also accept the part we must play in fixing it. We need a new Malawi with a new citizen who takes responsibility for the country,” he said.

Chakwera added that the Theological Society of Malawi has come at a critical time and that it will help the country move forward with right thinking instead of always walking backwards because of wrong thinking.

“That new kind of citizen means that we need a theology of nationhood, a theology of citizenship, a theology of liberation, a theology of self-reliance, and a theology of economics.

“If we do not embrace how God made the world, or the principles he designed the world to function by, or the role he designed for us to make the world flourish, or the rules he put in place for us to follow to grow and create wealth, then we are going to keep going around in circles as a country,” he said.

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