Chakwera calls Malawians to report AIP corrupt syndicates

Nov 19, 2022

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has called on Malawians to report any occurrence of corrupt activities within selling outlets of Affordable Input Programme (AIP).

Speaking at Maonde in Dedza during the AIP launch on Saturday Chakwera said it is the duty of every citizen to ensure the programme is on track.

“You are responsible for reporting any irregularities and corrupt practices anyone attempts during the implementation of this programme, because I will not have mercy on anyone who tries to cheat the system for personal gain. Sixth, you are responsible for working within your farming clubs and cooperatives to make sure that the impact of your efforts is multiplied through partnerships, because you will always achieve more with others than you will on your own.” He said.

Chakwera said everyone is responsible for protecting your harvest at the end of the season from people who will come to convince you to sell your crops

“You should wait to hear from the
Minister about what to do with your surplus maize so that you can build wealth for you and your children so that one day you can be free from dependence on the Government”

The President also urged Malawians who will benefit from this year’s Affordable Input Programme (AIP) to be responsible.

He said beneficiaries are not allowed to abused the program by getting more that what they are supposed to get.

“But I must emphasize that those of you who will benefit from this fertilizer also have a responsibility. First, you are responsible for making sure that you do not abuse the programme by trying to get more than your fair share of fertilizer. Just as we are fighting against the spirit of greed in government, we must also end the spirit of greed in society. Second, you are responsible for your K15,000 kwacha contribution for each bag of fertilizer you get.” He said

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