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Chakwera challenges Malawians to stop finger pointing

Aug 20, 2022

Go to work

Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday called on Malawians to take part in the social, political and economic development of the country.

Chakwera said this in Salima during a development rally.

Chakwera said it is sad that in the name of democracy people are making alot of irresponsible activities such as building houses in non designated areas.

Chakwera said time has come to stop finger pointing towards each other.

“If you are accusing the Government,  the question is what have you done yourself?” he said.

Chakwera also called on Malawians to work hard in order to boost exports.

Chakwera gave an example of Bwemba, saying is on high demand rather than pointing fingers.

On a lighter note, Chakwera appealed to Malawians to observe family planning saying the challenges being experienced now is because of over overpopulation.

Earlier in the day , President Chakwera commended the Malawi Defence Force soldiers for their perseverance in serving the nation.

Chakwera was speaking at Malawi Command and Staff College in Salima where he presided over the first ever cohort of senior command and staff graduating ceremony of the Malawi Defence Force senior command and staff officers.

In his speech, President Chakwera said: “The magic number that has brought us here is 46. Forty-six is the number of weeks these senior Malawi Defence Force officers have been confined to the MDF Command and Staff College, undergoing the first ever locally conducted intense training in the senior command and staff course.

“Forty-six weeks of demanding classes, tactical planning, and advanced military knowledge acquisition to increase the leadership capacity of our military. Forty-six weeks of separation from their families and military units to make the Malawi Defence Force Stronger, Forty-six weeks of gruelling physical drills and psychological resilience.

“And forty-six weeks of quality for the Post Graduate Diploma and the Passed Staff College Certificates they will take home today.”

President Chakwera also thanked the spouses and families of the graduands for rendering their untiring support towards their success, saying the sacrifices made by them and the friends to see them complete the course was immense and have been an indispensable contribution to such success.

Further, President Chakwera told the gathering that the establishment of the first ever staff college for the MDF is a milestone for the country in view of the Malawi 2063 vision which focuses on the nation becoming self-reliant, adding that the historic achievement is worth celebrating.

“Thankfully we have the MDF as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when this quality is cultivated, because the strength of our military stems from the fact that this is the one institution of Malawi where lack of discipline is never tolerated,” said the President.

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