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Chakwera colourfully launches this year’s AIP 

Nov 19, 2022

Everyone must listen clearly that today is the day of conquer in Malawi, this day is a day of victory for all Malawians

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has said the 2022/23 Affordable Inputs Program (AIP) launch is a sign of conquer against the forces that have been propagating for its failure.

He was speaking at Maonde Primary School ground in the area of Senior Chief Kachere in Dedza district where he officially launched 2022/23 Affordable Inputs Program that gives opportunity to some less privileged farmers of buying farm inputs like fertilizer and seeds at an affordable price through a subsidized package by the government.

“Everyone must listen clearly that today is the day of conquer in Malawi, this day is a day of victory for all Malawians ,to reach this point of saying we are launching this AIP after meeting a lot of barriers and burdens along the way, we must be so thankful. We have fought against incompetence of some officials, we have fought against real lies of those who wanted only to instill fears in Malawians, to the extent on implicating me to have stolen money meant for the program.We have fought against some who just wanted the program to fail. That today their plans have failed and we are here at Maonde to launch the program, we must be thankful to heaven.” Said President Chakwera in his speech.

Chakwera who said the war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the fertilizer prices and transportation negatively, told the nation to be thankful to world leaders who have convinced those nations at war to allow such necessary commodities to be passing through so that countries like Malawi should benefit.

Malawi leader in his speech commended the AIP, saying it increased the country’s harvest in its 2020/21 farming season implementation by producing 8.343 million tonnes surpassing the five years history on the country’s cards, saying the program is meant to make Malawians have enough food every year.

He added that the improvements made in this year’s program gives hope for the security of the beneficiaries’ identification cards and country’s harvest.

Here President Chakwera urged Malawians not to be selling commodities under the AIP across the borders, saying the tendency puts the country at risk of food insecurity every year.

Chakwera Commended developmental donors like government of Morocco, World Food Program, African Development Bank, and local companies which have volunteered to assist in the fulfillment of the program for their sacrificial timely support.

President Chakwera then appealed for traditional leaders to ensure that greed people are exposed in their communities in order for such initiatives to benefit the targeted beneficial citizens.

But speaking before the President, Minister of Agriculture, Sam Dalitso Kawale and the chairperson for AIP Taskforce, Richard Chimwendo Banda assured Malawians that logistics for this year’s program has been put inorder and that Malawians who are beneficiaries to the program will easily access the commodities under AIP which have included mobile vending to reach beneficiaries at their doorsteps.

Meanwhile, President Chakwera has commended farmers in Dedza for their preparedness for the farming season, saying he is satisfied after looking at how their fields are being prepared ahead of the rain season, and promised that the Ministry of Agriculture will ensure that EPAs are close to farmers across the country.

This year’s Affordable Inputs Program is targeting 2.5 million households who are to pay K15,000 per 50kg bag of fertilizer and K5,000 per packet of seed.

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