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Chakwera commits to improve living conditions for soldiers

Aug 22, 2022

President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says his government remains committed to improve the living conditions of men in uniform. The Malawi leader said this on Saturday during the senior command and staff graduation ceremony at the Malawi Defence Force Command and Staff College in Salima.

Chakwera said that soldiers put themselves in danger while defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and must be guaranteed the greatest support.

“I and my Administration will continue giving the MDF the support and resources it needs to move closer and closer to the realization of our vision to build an appropriately sized, highly trained, and suitably equipped military force,” he said.

Chakwera has also called for self-discipline from the MDF in service to the country adding that government is for everyone.

“If we are going to move this country forward at great speed and in every sector, each of us must demand more from ourselves than is even demanded of us by our superiors. There is a term for this attitude. It’s called self-discipline,” said the President.

He added: “There are many citizens in our nation who have the ability to do great things if there is someone around to discipline them, but great nations are built by the citizens who know how to do great things by disciplining themselves. Self-discipline is the one resource we desperately need as a nation, more than money, more than infrastructure, more than food, more than forex, and more than fuel.”

The President also emphasized that what Malawi is lacking to move forward is the lack of self-discipline, a thing he said needs to change.

“Our task now is to turn the self-discipline we see in our military and in these graduating officers into a national contagion that spreads like a virus to all corners and sectors of Malawi. Self-discipline, I tell you, is what we need more than anything else to build a new Malawi,” he said.

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