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Chakwera deplores Spirit of Envy and jealousy among Malawians

Apr 14, 2022

By Cedric Nkungula

Malawi President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera says the spirit of Jealousy and envy is slowly eating up the country.

Speaking during a development rally in Dowa on Thursday, Chakwera advised Malawians to desist from the malpractice and let love lead.

“Let us love one another and avoid the spirit of jealousy. The problem is that if someone is doing well we quickly conclude that it’s because of a muti or charms which is not true at all, the best way is to work hard and earn more,” he said.

During the rally Chakwera announced that soon Malawians will see new small machines which will be used for farming.

He said the coming in of these machines is one way of complementing government agenda on mechanization.

On corruption which is said to be rampant in the country, the president warned anyone against indulging themselves in corruption saying time for corruption is over.

Chakwera said Dowa has a capacity to feed the whole country once given support.

He then advised farmers in the country to desist from selling all the produce harvested from this year to avoid experiencing food shortage during the lean period.

Chakwera said he was confident that the fields he had inspected in Dowa District would feed those that had not harvested less, not only in Dowa but also the whole country.

Chakwera called on those who have harvested more than enough maize not to sell all the produce but to keep sum for food saying it is sad to see some farmers selling items just because they cannot keep them.

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