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Chakwera describes late Queen Elizabeth the second as an icon that played a vital role in Malawi’s road to independence

Sep 17, 2022

By Cedric Nkungula 

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says late Queen Elizabeth the second played a tremendous role in the transition to independence of many Africa countries including Malawi.

Chakwera who is currently in New York attending United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) made the remarks on Friday when British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC’s) Anne Soy engaged him to comment on the impact the fallen Queen had on Africa.

“When it comes to Malawi, she played a tremendous role in our transition from the British protectorate we became independent in 1964 and then for two years she was our Queen because we were transitioning to a republican status. I was twenty four when she came to Malawi and the people jubilated, they danced, they were so happy to welcome her because of that smooth transition that she had helped us. An icon of that stature held in so high an esteem is something that we will all miss infact, this is an end of an era not just for the British monarch, not just for the British people but for all of us in the Commonwealth and the whole world and so we mourn her passing,” said the president.

Chakwera also described late Queen Elizabeth the second as a figure that drew together all associated with the British in the past including many others that had never been associated with the British as well.

“Members have been coming in to be part of the Commonwealth because of what she represented and in Africa, we have several such countries,” emphasized Chakwera.

“The Queen has been so much of the history of the last 70 years and with King Charles the third now on the throne and we wish him well even as he mourns the mother, our hope would be that the world will get stronger together not disintegrate.”

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