Chakwera describes Umhlangano wa Maseko as a national treasure

Sep 3, 2022

Malawi Leader President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has described the Ngoni annual cultural event Umhlangano wa Maseko as so important key to development and national treasures.

Addressing this years Umhlangano wa Maseko annual cultural event in Ntcheu, Chakwera said the event is a national treasure that identify Malawi as a country.

“The cultural heritage this occasion embodies is a national treasure that
contributes to our national identity and unity, and I thank you for welcoming us all so warmly,” said the President.

Chakwera said he was  particularly inspired by how the Festival has been

“I must therefore commend you for this approach and spirit of shared responsibility, Your Majesty. However, I can’t say that I am surprised by your decision to put this Festival together in a spirit of shared responsibility.

The spirit of shared responsibility is one Your Majesty has always championed and modelled, and I avail myself of this opportunity to call on all Malawians,” he said.

During the function, Chakwera called on Malawians to live in harmony, in unison and as one Nation, if the country is to develop.

Chakwera called on Malawi Citizens to be responsible and never take part in destroying government infrastructures as well  as businesses of fellow Malawians.

Before President Chakwera had spoken, Vice President, Dr Saulos Chilima thanked President Chakwera for his humbleness especially by putting aside busy schedle
and  take part in cultural events which is helping unifying all tribes.

In his remarks, Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani the 5th called on all tribes in Malawi to work together.

Inkosi Gomani called on all Malawians to take part in Building a New Malawi.

He called on Malawians not to leave the development of Malawi in the hands of the State President and the government alone.

The Inkosi warned politicians against using the youth for demonstrations. Instead, he called politicians to empower the youths so that they take part in Building a New Malawi.

Before the function, President Chakwera, laid a wreath on the tombstone of late Inkosi yamakosi Gomani Chikuse who was killed by shooting, by the colonialists in 1896. Chakwera together with Inkosi Gomani, jointly released white doves into the air as a sign of unity.

President Chakwera presented a Lounge Suite, 75 inch TV Screen and two Cows as his gift to Ngwenyama Inkosi yamakosi Gomani 5th who is also celebrating 10 years of kingship.

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