Chakwera goes to UNGA with fewer delegation ever

Sep 9, 2022

Living up to his own word of cutting expenses, President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera flies to the United Nation General Assembly with the fewest delegation ever.

Speaking at the media briefing on the trip on Friday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nancy Tembo said President Chakwera will travel to the UN with a delegation of less tha 37 people.

“This will be the first time that any sitting Head of State in this country goes to the UN with a delegation as this small in number,” said the Minister.

Tembo hinted that the number could be trimmed further as a follow up to the austerity measures President Chakwera put in place this year to cut cost.

This will be the first time for President Chakwera to attend the UN General Assembly.

This is departure to the past when Heads of State flew with an entourages of more than 150.

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