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Chakwera impressed with David Livingstone Museum

Nov 4, 2021

Linda Moyo

Scotland November 3, MANA: President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says it is high time Malawi starts utilizing the opportunities that museum, as a tourist attraction sector plays to improve the economic development of the country.

The president said this on Wednesday in Blantyre, Scotland after vising the David Livingstone museum which was established to dedicate the life and work of the Scottish explorer and missionary, Dr. David Livingstone.

Chakwera said he was impressed with how the museum is being managed to generate income as it preserve the legacy of Dr. Livingstone.

“This is very impressive and as a country we really need to emulate this and start preserving history of noted people who made great contribution to the development of Malawi,” Said Chakwera.

He further added that museums apart from preserving the local culture are also a great pillar to tourism which in turn leads to economic development of a country.

Chief Executive Officer Scotland-Malawi Partnership David Hope-Jones said he was happy the president visiting the historical institution.

He added that the visit is very symbolic and strengthen the good relationship between Malawi and Scotland. 

The State president was accompanied by Malawi’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Thomas Bisika and other senior government officials.

The Museum contains a deserve range of material exploring the life, work and legacy of David Livingstone. 

The current administration of president Chakwera has plan to preserve the legacy of one,  Yatuta Chisiza, a former Internal Affairs minister during founding president Hasting Kamuzu Banda era.  

Minister of tourism Dr Michiel Usi in July last year visited the proposed site for the museum in Zomba. 

During the visit, Usi is quoted to have said: “These will be a huge attraction for Malawi and tourists, you will be amazed.”

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