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Chakwera receives Heroic welcome in Lilongwe

Jul 30, 2022

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday arrived safely in Lilongwe from Blantyre where he went to perform a number of Government business.

Regional Chairman Patrick Zebron Chilondola
The President has been in the Southern Region for two weeks.

During the period, he carried out a number of engagements, including the official handover of houses for police officers in Mangochi, launch of National Youth Service in Neno and the opening of National Data Centre in Blantyre.

Snr chief Tsabango

Speaking to thousands of people who gathered at Biwi Triangle, Chakwera commended them for such gathering to welcome him into the city.

Dr Lazarus Chakwera waving at masses
He promised to organise a rally so that he can have good time with them.

All speakers during the Biwi stopover , commended the President for enormous development which this country is undergoing.

Minister Mtambo and Depuy Speaker Madalitso Kazombo

On corruption,  Chakwera said he do not expect meaningful Malawians to engage themselves into corruption.

Mammoth crowd at Biwi
The whistle stop tours started at Lunzu in Blantyre  where he spoke strongly on the need for all Malawians to unite so as to develop the country.
Friends of Hon Jiya
“I may be the President of MCP but my aspirations is that I work with all political leaders be it in the Tonse administration or even in opposition, not with an aim of killing other political parties, but rather for all Malawians to unite with one purpose,” said Chakwera.
The President, therefore, asked Malawians not to hold grudges, but advocate for love, saying the country can only develop if Malawians work as one.
The President then assured Malawians that he was aware of the problems Malawians were going through and that government has put in place a number of measures to lessen the impact such as the National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF) loans where all Malawians are eligible to benefit.
“Even if you are in groups of five or ten, if you sit down and formulate business plans, NEEF will provide you loans so that you start businesses. These loans are better than bank loans as the interest is fair,” said Chakwera.
He further said NEEF is currently being well managed with a 70 per cent repayment rate which, he said, will enable more Malawians to stand a chance to access the loans.
The President added that there are currently a number of organizations offering grants to Malawians so that people, even in rural areas, have the opportunity, in the long run the country will develop as it will become self-sufficient.
He said there are plans to increase the number of beneficiaries in Social Cash Transfer Programme.

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