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Chakwera or no Chakwera, Malawi can’t be the only one spared in this global crisis

Sep 15, 2022

The sooner the better global citizen especially President Chakwera’s critics realises that in current global economic problems, countries rises and fall together.

As Martin Luther would have said: “We are caught in inescapable network of mutuality tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all directly.”

The world is reeling from the world that has been caught in an inescapable jaws of two perils: The prolonged Covid-19 and the Russian invasion on Ukraine which has brought the world economy to its knees. As some countries survived and are surviving others like Sri-Lanka collapsed.This is the devastating dangers of living in the global village.

Even the so called world economic tigers of the world like the United States of America and Britain do not have answers to the current economic woes.

Over the last two years the two super powers whose currencies (the United States Dollar and Pound) are used as global trade currency have failed to contain the rising and soaring prices of basic commodities.

However, listening to President Chakwera critics, political operatives and some Malawians who do not wish this government well have constantly made it look like President Chakwera is the reason we are in this mess when the truth is that Malawi just like other countries does not have the magic wand to repel these economic upheavals.

It’s sad to see these critics celebrating when the country is going through some rough economic patches. It is even sickening to see the same people over the moon praising other countries when they are doing well.

On Tuesday, after news broke out that the newly sworn in President of Kenya William Ruto had announced the reduction of fertiliser from 6,600 Shilling to 3,500 President Chakwera’s critics had a field day spiting his leadership for what they call expensive price of buying the farm input on this country.

Barely 24 hours after reducing the cost of price the new Kenyan government announced the price increase of fuel effective 15 September following the new government’s decision to slash down the fuel subsidies.

Petrol price has been increased by 20 shilling and they will be buying at 179.30 shilling from 159 Shilling and diesel is being sold at 165 Shilling from 140 Shilling.

Expectedly the development has prematurely curtailed the celebration. In 24 hours the mood changed from happiness to anguish and disappointment and the Kenyan publication the AFP rightly put it: “Fuel prices in Kenya surged to record highs on Thursday after the new government slashed subsidies, piling on misery for a population already deep in economic hardships.”

And that is only one side of the story, because the other side is that the country has been hit by fuel scarcity for the past weeks even days leading to the inauguration as reported by KTN news: “The shortage of fuel crisis in the country has continued to worsen with motorists in major towns spending hours at fuel stations in search of the commodity.”

As this has been happening, in Malawi amidst all the struggles the country has been facing, government through MERA announced that it has reduced the price of petrol with K200 ler litre of petrol which was being sold at K1,946 00 is now being K1,1746 00.This slashing represent 10% reduction

But as usual government critics have looked away and they could not commend government for bringing the prices to an affordable price

Without a doubt, people reading this will be asking why bringing Kenya into the narrative. The bottom line is that these issues are relatable. Every country is suffering from the devastating effects of the Russian invasion on Ukraine.

The point is, when our leaders are telling us that we are in this economic mess because of the Ukraine war and Covid, some people think government is just making up stories as a cover up for its failures.

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