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Chakwera orders speedy construction of roads in Chitipa

Apr 28, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has directed the Ministry of Transport and Public Works to start constructing roads in Chitipa district which are in the dilapidated state.

The President issued the directive during a developmental rally he addressed at Chitipa Airfield soon after conducting Crop Inspection tour in Lufita EPA under Karonga ADD in the district on Wednesday, April 27,2022.

During the rally, Senior Chief Mwawulambya, Paramount Chief Kyungu and MP for Chitipa Central, Hon. Mwenesongole requested the government of President Chakwera to consider constructing the roads from the Boma to Nyika through Nthalire, and a 32km stretch from the Boma to Mbilima border, specifying the 32Km stretch as a lifeline road as it provides connection route to Tunduma in the neighboring Tanzania where some small scale business operators, many of whom are ladies do go for orders of their business items.

But in his speech, President Chakwera said that his administration will start the work as soon as possible.

“Now I want the Minister and Ministry officials to have the construction work of these roads within four months. We want these project to be fastened as we have done with its design and other processes.” Directed President Chakwera.

He then lamented against government officers who are delaying projects and sitting on plans of his administration, and warned that whosoever is to be found doing the vice will not be tolerated but dealt with accordingly.

On the Crop Inspection tour he is conducting, President Chakwera told the rally that it is aiming at achieving three objectives of encouraging farmers whose fields are promising better harvest to keep enough for food, to assure those whose fields are not to harvest enough not to lose hope as his administration will make sure everyone has food at the household level, and encouraging all farmers to follow new ways and methods of farming using modern technologies.

“Let me tell you this; I will stand with farmers in the rural areas to make sure they are gaining from their efforts because if they benefit, everyone in town will benefit too.” Said President Chakwera in assuring farmers of his support.

Here the President issued a stun warning to the Minister of Agriculture and Ministry officials against any delay in the upcoming AIP, saying he will be left with no option but to act on them if it reaches the month of September before tangible way forward.

Chiefs of Chitipa have since thanked President Chakwera for the Crop Inspection tour, saying it is so important in the country’s agriculture Management.

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