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Chakwera orders Energy Minister, ESCOM and Egenc to fix blackout issues

Aug 22, 2022

Malawi President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on Monday directed Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola to go and fix the mess causing blackouts in the country. The order comes amid outcry from the general public of frequent blackouts which are affecting productivity.

Giving an update on State House Facebook page, Chakwera was said to have been working in State House office today, Monday 22nd August 2022, attending to various matters of national interest.

“His first order of business this morning was deploying his Minister of Energy to hold meetings with the Heads of ESCOM and EGENCO to get to the bottom of the cause of the system shutdown that resulted in a nationwide blackout over the weekend, as well as to track the progress being made on rehabilitating the cyclone-damaged Kapichira Power Plant,” reads the post.

The President was also engaged in a virtual discussions with the President of the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank, Mr. Admassu Tadesse, to secure a debt-restructuring agreement aimed at relieving the economy of some of the fiscal pressures emanating from the distress occasioned by the enormous debt left by the previous administration.

Writing on his Facebook Former Malawi Vice President Hastings Kachali said he has spoken with both Chief Executive Officer of Egenco and ESCOM to appreciate levels of blackouts.

“Amalawi okonda dziko lathu, ndalankhulana ndi CEO ndi Board Chair wa ESCOM zokhudzana ndi kuthima kwa magetsi kowonjeza. Ndawauza kuti alifotokozele dziko chenicheni chomwe chikuchitika chifukwa sizoona kuti anthu azikhala ndi magetsi ola limodzi pa tsiku.

Mzachidziwikiletu kuti kuonjezela pa ma technical challenges a power generation ndi distribution palinso anthu (amaliwongo osafunila Tonse Alliance zabwino) amene akupangila dala sabotage magetsi Mumalawi muno. Anthu amenewa apezedwe komanso athamangitsidwe ndipo asapezekenso pafupi ndi zida komanso system ya ESCOM. Clearing the rubble ija tikhale nayo serious.”

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