Chakwera praised for inclusive Cabinet

Feb 2, 2023

Malawians from far and wide have commended Malawi leader President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for the inclusive cabinet that was sworn in on Thursday.

President Chakwera on January 31, 2023 released a leaner cabinet which saw 40 percent gender inclusivity and one minister from opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“I am happy for this cabinet. The President has appointed youth like Owen Chomanika and others. Owen is so intelligent person and well educated and even Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma the man is an asset,” said businessman Richard Pensulo.

Meanwhile , Chakwera on Thursday presided over the swearing in of the newly Cabinet Ministers where he sent a strong message, go and serve the people.

In his speech Chakwera said It is his expectation and that of all Malawians to have a cabinet that practices servant leadership to the book.

Chakwera reminded his ministers of what his consideration of a successful tenure in his cabinet entails.

“We expect cabinet ministers with the right attitude and mindset to serve the Tonse agenda in unity. It is only when we work together as members of one cabinet that we will achieve a lot in terms of transforming people’s livelihoods through delivery of social services.” He said.

Chakwera said will continue to closely monitor his cabinet to ensure that the cabinet is delivering on his promises in line with servant leadership philosophy.

He said the oarth being taken was serious and sacred.

“Your oath of office today know that this oath is sacred, solemn, and serious, I feel duty bound to remind you that
keeping this oath will sometimes be a painful and unpopular thing to do. When that moment comes for you to choose between your affection or favor and
the Constitution, remember that this oath you have taken today requires you to choose the Constitution every time.”

The Malawi leader urged the ministers to chose the constitution and remain smart.

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