Chakwera says Christian leadership crucial in achieving good governance

Jun 4, 2022

By Bertha Chirwa – Malawi Exclusive

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says Malawi needs Christian leadership to deter ills that have come as a result of authorities compromising their ethics in different spheres of the Malawi society.

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwera made the remarks on Saturday at the 28th graduation ceremony of African Bible College where he hinted that for the country to move forward, it needs quality leadership in all sectors with faith that Malawi can achieve greatest growth it needs.

“And from where I stand, I cannot think of a time in our nation’s history when quality Christian leadership was needed more desperately than it is now. When I say quality leadership, I first of all mean leadership that is uncompromising in matters of ethics. Many of the ills of our nation in every sector are the direct result of decades of ethical compromise, leading to the multiple moral crises that we are currently facing as a nation”. He said.

Chakwera added that many people have lost hope that things can change for the better and have since resorted to just cry about it instead of believing.

“When I say that Malawi’s greatest need of this hour is quality leadership in all sectors, I mean the kind of leadership that has faith. So many people in Malawi have lost faith, lost the ability to believe the great things we can achieve. So many no longer believe in the great possibilities that lie ahead for Malawi, or the greatness that exists within them, and so they cannot stop lamenting what is not working or talking down on those working hard to fix things. They no longer believe that the fight against corruption can be won, so they just cry about it. They no longer believe that the economy can be fixed, so they just cry about it. They no longer believe that tribal divisions can be healed, so they just cry about it. They no longer believe that the public service can be improved, so they just cry about it”. Adds the President

Chakwera concludes by saying that “What Malawi needs are men and women who have faith in the great power of God, the great power of human innovation, and the great power of human partnership. What Malawi needs are men and women who believe that nothing is impossible for Malawi because nothing is impossible for God. What Malawi needs are men and women who can live by the motto of ABC, faith in action, God in motion. And since your education at this institution has instilled in you that faith, you must know that your country needs you”. He said.

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