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Chakwera says failure to maintain a strong foundation laid by late Dr. Kamuzu Banda has stagnated Malawi’s economy

Jul 18, 2022

By Cedric Nkungula

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says the country has stagnated economically for the past twenty six years, because of it’s failure to build on the strong foundation laid by founding leader late Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Chakwera made the remarks on Saturday at the official handover of fifteen Malamya Police Mobile Service Camp Houses in Mangochi.

Chakwera explained that Malawi once had a strong foundation for industrialization, building manufacturing plants that added value to the things that we produce.

The president said the late Dr. Kamuzu Banda never wanted Malawi to be a country that imports everything but instead of building on the laid foundation, the country has spent twenty six years allowing that foundation to be destroyed.

As a result, says Chakwera, the country stopped learning to make new things of value to be exported not even toothpicks or postage stamps or police uniforms.

He said the development has forced his administration to focus on laying a strong foundation for a prosperous future for all Malawians.

“When Dr. Kamuzu Banda was president, he did not want Malawi to be a country that imports everything. So he made sure that industries were built to ensure that clothes could be manufactured here, refreshments could be manufactured here, biscuits could be manufactured here, Sugar could be manufactured here and many other things,” said Chakwera.

“That is why ever since you chose me to serve you as your president, I have insisted on rebuilding a strong foundation of industrialization because the only way to build a strong economy is for us to make things of economic value.”

The president added that Malawi once had a strong foundation for professionalism in public service but instead of building on that foundation to make the public service greater, “we spent the next twenty six years allowing systematic destruction of that foundation.”

“As a result, amateurs were crammed into the public service who either do not know how to do their jobs or for whom positions were created with no real jobs to do or who are too lazy or too corrupt or too tired or too proud to serve Malawians with maximum zeal, integrity, sacrifice, skill and enthusiasm,” he emphasized.

Speaking earlier, Minister of Lands Housing and Urban Development Sam Dalitso Kawale said his ministry is working around the clock to ensure that police officers are living in decent homes.

Commissioner of Police for Research and Planning Happy Mkandawire said the modern houses will enable his officers to easily mobilize themselves on time for public order duties.

Mkandawire asked government to build more houses because the number of police officers living in rented houses is high.

“There are three thousand houses against a population of thirteen thousand, seven hundred officers. As you can see, this huge gap has led to a big number of our officers living in rented houses,” he said

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