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Chakwera says handouts not key to resolving challenges affecting the health sector

Sep 26, 2022

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has told a team of Malawian medical experts living in diaspora that handouts is not key to resolving challenges rocking the country’s health sector.

He was speaking on Sunday, September 25,2022 in New York, USA when he met a team of Malawian medical professionals living in United States of America.

“What we need is not handouts, what we need is hand up. In sharing talent, in sharing skills, and in mobilizing equipment that is needed back home is the way to go,” said Chakwera while praising the team for offering to mobilize skills and equipment to support the health sector in Malawi.

“I am so excited. What you are saying here is that you want to do something for your country because you realise that we needed to rise yesterday and needed not to be where we are today.”

Malawi leader commended the move taken by medical practitioners saying the approach is unique.

Added Chakwera, “I want to thank you for not coming to tell us about your challenges but to tell us what you can do for your country. We know that we have challenges but that is not the reason to give up, in fact that should stimulate all of us to think about doing something.”

In remarks through the team leader, Professor Edward Kalumbamoyo Mbewe, Malawian medical personnel in diaspora assured Chakwera that it is dedicated to mobilise support not only in health but also education and agriculture among others.

In his remarks during the meeting, Dr. Kamana Mbekeyani assured Chakwera that they are Malawians in diaspora who are committed to work with fellow Malawians in improving the health of Malawian citizens.

“We are positioned to contribute abd connect our resources to potential donors. Coordination and collaboration with various sectors will benefit all Malawians,” said Mbekeyani.

While in New York, President Chakwera has made a number of engagements including meeting with Jeff Luhnow, President of Spanish Club Deportivo Leganés, Kingsley Pungong, Global Chief Executive Officer for Rainbow Sports, and James Woods-Nkhutabasa, partner at Rainbow Sports, who have expressed interest to invest in Malawi’s football industry.

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