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Chakwera seeks support for agricultural commercialization from Qatari Gvt

Mar 8, 2023

Wednesday was another busy day for President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on the sidelines of the 5th UN Summit on the Least Developed Country (LDCs) in Doha, Qatar as he held bilateral talks with the Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar Dr.Khalid bin Mohamed Al Attiyah.

During the discussion President Chakwera asked the government of Qatar to assist the Malawi government with modern farming equipment in order to facilitate its dream of revolutionalisation the agriculture sector.

President Chakwera expressed his government desire to start exporting some agricultural products such as beans, vegetables, goat meat and other products to the international markets including Qatar in five years time.

However, President Chakwera indicated that this dream will only be attainable if Malawian farmers are to be capacitated with modern farming equipments.

The Malawi Head of State therefore appealed to the government of Qatar to consider assisting the Malawi government with with tractors as one way of helping the Malawi government’s mechanization drive and boost the country’s agriculture production.

President Chakwera then commended the government of Qatar its commitment to assist LDC with US$60 million towards the Doha Plan of Action.

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