• December 2, 2022 5:41 am

Chakwera woos foreign investors to invest  in Malawi 

Malawi Exclusive

Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says he is optimistic that Malawi will change for the betterment of its citizens despite challenges which the country is facing. 

Chakwera said this in United Republic of Arab Emerates whem he a group of the prospective investors were led by Frank Omene.

Speaking during the meeting, President Chakwera said  “We are building a new Malawi and we want to deliver it fast despite many challenges. Your interest in investing in Malawi is most welcome. Just follow the procedures because we respect the rule of law. The SPC is here and in case of anything he can guide you on the due processes”.

The consortium  has strong interest  in infrastructure and property development, Agricuture and food processing, finance, Hybrid vehicles technology, ICT and many more. 

Currently  the investors have operations in African countries  like Rwana, Egypt, Nigeria and many African  countries. 

The local partners for the consortium, Wanangwa Mbereka and Eng. Vitumbiko A.Z. Mumba, thanked the President for meeting the consortium and assured the President and the SPC that the consortium will move with speed.

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